Friday, 31 July 2009

5 Weeks and counting...

The total raised so far is £440 as I type. How cool is that?

Still need more though!

A big genuine thankyou to those of you that have donated though.

Its finally starting to come together, and I have pretty much everything I need, the bike will be serviced shortly, and new tyres, chain and sprockets and brakes will be fitted at the same time. So i'm not leaving much to chance!

Sleeping bag, roll mat, tent etc etc. All ready to go.

I have been pondering the clothing though. Its going to be hot in Spain (it will be early sept after all) and reasonable in France, but the mountains are going to be cold. And windy. And difficult to get up.

I did contact the BBC and ask them if they wanted to send a film crew with me.

Oddly enough they haven't replied...

1 comment:

  1. I would have thought the BBC would have at least replied to you. You dont appear to have left anything to chance - Oh and by the way the emergency phone charger has been shipped so I should receive it soon hopefully. All you need is a lot of spare batteries which I know you have got.

    You definitely will need something warm for the mountain roads the trouble is everything you need is just more bulk for you to carry.