Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The final countdown...

Right, less than 24hrs to the off.

I have had a test run to work, and good grief what a difference! With all the Guys's work and the new shocks, it actually rides like a bike!... as opposed to a wobbly pogo stick!

How confidence inspiring!

A shakedown ride this evening fully loaded. No probs.

A quick pic and a look at the mileage...

Give it 14 days and there should be over 3000 miles added to that figure...


  1. Newt and AG deserve a medal Jono for all the help they have given you. The bike looks great and certainly should give you more confidence now.
    Like you I cannot believe how great those guys have been and look forward to meeting them some day.

    I will see you later on today to make sure you get off okay and will also be at the port to see you off and again be at the port to welcome you back to this country.

    You know how enthusiastic a follower I am and look forward to seeing you safely back after what is an epic journey.

  2. You might need a bit more fuel than half a tank Jono ;)