Sunday, 28 June 2009


Well that was actually a lot better than I thought.

Also a lot less painful than I thought too...

The whole trip (which I gave a hopeful guess of 4hrs) actually only took me 3hrs and 10 minutes. That included a stop for petrol and a stop for a rest and a drink. So by those calculations I may be able to cover the distance needed in 6 and a half hours on a good day.

I'm sure there will bad days... Mountain days will probably be bad ones.

Anyway back to the figures. I managed 70 miles before needing to fill up, she was going flat out and she did have fuel left in the tank, so I will leave it as 70 miles as a working figure. When I did fill up though, to be honest it was slightly embarrassing.

£2.75... and that was almost overflowing...

So £5.50 will get me 140 miles, I have to do 220 per day. So I figure that the last 80 miles will be about £3. So in essence I am looking at £8.50 per day in fuel. Although to be fair fuel will no doubt be cheaper on the continent, but that's the figure I will stick with at the moment.

So in total for the entire trip I am looking at a ball park figure of £119 for fuel. Not bad for a 3000 mile journey... I knew there was a reason for choosing this bike!

The speed was a lot better than I thought too, I think the speedo may be showing a slower figure than I am actually going, because although people overtook me, there were quite a few to just sit behind at a distance, and they didn't overtake when they had the chance.
At one point I overtook someone else! I was a Tesco lorry, and I did have to use a slipstream manoeuvre, but i'll take them any way I can get them!

Now I have to start testing some other kit. Next in line will be the cameras...


  1. try wearing a one piece swimsuit or mankini for ultimate slipstreaming and also consider shaving legs,arms arse etc!!!

  2. Well done love tell your brother to bog off shave indeed rofl xxxxxx