Sunday, 14 June 2009

Not a great start...

So anyway, there I was in the early hours of this morning.
I was late of work by 4 or so hours, but nevermind, one shift left to go.
Its about 04:30 in the morning and i'm riding my Triumph Motorcycle back home. The sun is rising, its getting light and there is a beautiful mist covering the fields. I come off a major roundabout, accelerate to about 70mph and ride down a dual carriageway heading towards home and bed.
Its a beautiful morning and there is nothing on the roads, its just me, my bike, the odd bunny by the side of the road and a few pigeons enjoying the mornings calm.
Apart from one pigeon. Who decided that life simply wasn't worth living and promptly flew in my chest and right shoulder.
If you have ever wondered what its like to hit a pigeon at 70mph, then stop wondering. It hurts, very much so, and thats all there is to it...
I should have taken the C90 to work, the speed of the impact would have been negligible.

Anyone got an ice pack?...

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