Saturday, 13 June 2009

In the beginning....


Only eleven weeks and four days to go.

Ferry booked? - Don't be silly.

Bike tested? - Well i've been to the garage and back.

Anything packed or thought about? - Five pairs of boxers should do it.

Accommodation booked? - I'll worry about that when I get there.

Travelling alone? - I'm not too sure I know anyone stupid enough to go with me...

Advertising? - I've done that bit! Emails sent, People Facebooked, Group and now Blog created!

So, i've bought the bike, booked the time off work and i've had my first donation! All's well so far!

So why am I really doing it? Why am I deciding to ride from Suffolk to Gibraltar on a 20 year old 85cc step through motorcycle with a top speed of 45mph?
Well firstly, I was looking at the Help for Heroes website, and there was an article on there about people doing silly things to raise money. So I was looking at the ideas so far, and thought to myself... I could be a lot sillier than that. Secondly I love my bikes, i've had 30 so far in my life and I like riding abroad. So why not combine the two?
Everything to do with the trip is being paid for out of my own back pocket. Every single penny raised will go to Help for Heroes. I guess the motivation for people to sponsor me is to see if I can actually make it. Its a tall order, i'm guessing its about 11hrs riding a day, every day for 14 days. It will be over 3000 miles in total and include crossing the Pyrenees Mountains twice. On a bike that has little more power than a food mixer.

Still, he who dares wins...

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